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Sorry, but these classic model Upside Down forks with their massive 54mm aluminum top tubes and 43mm chrome-moly inner tubes with individual fork spring pre-load adjustment are no longer available. However, we still have replacement parts available.

Fork oil change:
For normal street use:
light weight oil SAE 10 or similar.
For extreme road use or race use:
SAE 20 or 30. The 32" fork legs use 350 cc per fork leg, 34" fork legs use 450 cc per fork leg when legs are COMPLETELY drained.


Replacement parts for Upside Down forks with 43mm inner tubes
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
234059 Polished Triple Tree set 0 degrees raked € 442,79
749400 Black Triple Tree set 0 degrees raked € 474,50
234060 Polished Triple Tree set 3 degrees raked € 451,60
749401 Black Triple Tree set 3 degrees raked € 483,31
234084 Polished Triple Tree set 6 degrees raked € 451,33
749402 Black Triple Tree set 6 degrees raked € 483,04
721959 3/4" (19mm) diameter front wheel axle € 73,19
S721959 Smooth threaded front axle bushing and opposite smooth axle cap, silver anodized € 17,90
720328 Oil seal, set of 2 € 34,85
750664 Fork repair kit with all O-rings, slider bushings and guide bushings € 138,15

Recommended Retail Prices include 21.00% sales tax.

Prices exclude shipping, import duties and installation.

TÜV for models thru 1999