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ThunderMax claims to be the most powerful, self tuning fuel management system designed specifically for fuel injected Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The ThunderMax EFI system with AutoTune is purpose built to deliver uncompromised performance. It works on any bike, no matter if it is a plain stock one, has a performance exhaust, and/or performance air cleaner or any other performance upgrade installed. The AutoTune function of the ThunderMax will continually tune any fuel injected Harley engine for maximum performance. It is a Wide-Band, Closed Loop system which means it continually and automatically adjusts air/fuel ratios every time you ride, regardless of changes on the motorcycle or any ambient condition, such as temperature, barometric pressure, humidity or a change in the fuel quality. Once installed, the ThunderMax with AutoTune will fine tune the base map to your riding conditions and habits, automatically, every time you ride. With the ThunderMax you will experience easier starting, a smoother running engine, crisp and dramatically improved throttle response, increased performance at all riding levels without sacrificing fuel economy. It will also eliminate popping, spitting and backfiring for a better sounding exhaust. The ThunderMax also gives you the ability to adjust idle speed for a cooler running engine. The ThunderMax is an industry award winning product that outperforms all other tuning systems in every riding and performance category and comes with a 3 year limited warranty. Note: Installation of a ThunderMax requires an exhaust with 18mm exhaust sensor bungs as used on 2007 thru 2009 models or modification of the stock exhaust to accept 18mm O2 sensors.


Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
723235 Fits 2014 to present XG500 and XG750 Street models € 1.167,90 € 798,30
723250 Fits 2007-2009 XL Sportster models € 1.167,90
723253 Fits 2010-2013 XL Sportster models € 1.190,80
723239 Fits 2014 to present XL Sportster models € 1.167,90
723253 Fits 2008-2012 XR1200 & XR1200X € 1.190,80
723224 Fits 2002 thru 2017 V-Rod models € 1.190,80
723250 Fits 2001-2010 Twin Cam Softail (except Rocker) and 2002-2007 Twin Cam Touring € 1.167,90
723261 Fits 2011 Softail (except CVO Softail Convertible) € 1.167,90
723253 Fits 2008-2010 Softail Rocker, 2009 FXSTSSE2 CVO Springer Softail and 2004-2011 Dyna € 1.190,80
723242 Fits 2011-2012 CVO Softail Convertible and 2013 FXSBSE CVO Breakout € 1.272,38 € 957,32
723239 Fits 2012 thru 2015 Softail (except CVO's) and 2012 thru 2017 Dyna (except FXDLS) € 1.167,90
723699 Fits 2014 thru 2015 CVO Softail, all 2016 thru 2017 Softail and 2016 thru 2017 FXDLS € 1.272,38
723234 Fits 2018-2020 Milwaukee Eight Softail € 1.272,38
723251 Fits 2008-2013 FLH & FLT series Touring models and Tri-Glide € 1.272,38
723241 Fits 2014 thru 2016 FLH & FLT series Touring models and Tri-Glide € 1.272,38
723223 Fits 2017 to present Milwaukee Eight Touring & Trike with or without RDRS Traction Control € 1.272,39
Accessory USB/Serial port adapter for Thundermax Generation I & II
If your laptop or PC does not have a serial port, this inexpensive adapter will add a serial port to your computer for communicating with the older ThunderMax EFI controller (36 pin connector models only). Supports 1.0 and 2.0 USB ports on Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista computers. Includes driver installation software.
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
723260 USB/Serial port adapter € 36,94
AutoTune data part "Y" harness
The ThunderMax AutoTune gets its power and communicates to the ECM through the motorcycle's factory data port plug. This "Y" harness allows the AutoTune module to be plugged in with an additional plug remaining for other tasks. Works on all ThunderMax modules except on 2008-2013 FLH/FLT Series Touring models.
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
723257 AutoTune data port "Y" harness € 45,65
Extended length ThunderMax Communication cable
Twice the length of the standard ThunderMax communication cable, this 12 foot (3.65 meter) long version allows for module programming from a distance. Works on all ThunderMax modules except on 2008-2013 FLH/FLT Series Touring models.
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
723259 Extended length ThunderMax communication cable € 46,40
Pigtail Harness
The pigtail harness allows a second port for the communication cable connection to the ThunderMax. It is installed to the bike's wiring harness at the 36-pin ECM connector. Installation requires disassembly of the bike's harness plug; two terminated wires are inserted into two unused ports and a ground wire is to be added. Handy for motorcycle models with tight clearance around the ECM such as Dyna, Rocker Softail and 2002-2005 V-Rods. Harness is already included with ThunderMax modules for 2008-2013 XR 1200 and 2010-2013 XL Sportster. Does not work on 2008-2013 FLH and FLT Series Touring models.
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
723256 Pigtail harness € 19,81
Replacement Wide Band oxygen sensors
ThunderMax replacement O2 sensors for all ThunderMax EFI with AutoTune module. Sold each.
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
723258 Replacement Wide Band Oxygen sensor € 149,51
Accessory weld-in 18mm sensor bungs with cap for exhaust systems that have 12mm sensor bungs or no sensor bungs at all. Sold each!
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
723236 Straight € 10,47
723237 Angled € 21,40

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